One on One Sessions

Ideally, your yoga should be all about you! Try this traditional approach: one teacher one student – an in depth learning experience.

Ever wish you could do yoga on your own?

  • take home your written practice
  • practice yoga when and wherever you wish
  • build yoga into your life with a daily practice

Why do private sessions?

  • personal practice designed specifically for you
  • discover unhealthy movement patterns
  • target your own injuries, weak & strong spots
  • reduce stress with a personal breathing practice
  • schedule to suit your own timetable
  • beginners learn the basics safely

Would you like to deepen your personal practice?

  • explore challenging and dynamic or contemplative and meditative practices
  • discover the benefits of chanting
  • study & use the yoga sutras in your practice
  • explore rituals to enliven your meditation
  • learn viniyoga ways to stabilize for injuries.
  • learn viniyoga principles to support your own yoga practice.

There are no preconditions or prerequisite beliefs necessary to begin yoga, anyone can start. Our starting points will be as different and personal as each of us.

T.K.V. Desikachar

I do continue to benefit from Yoga teachings. It is so special to have a teacher who can create personal practices that concern the whole person.