Embrace the Power of Mindfulness and Movement in Midlife

Are you ready to unlock the potential of midlife, where change offers an opportunity to thrive?

Join us for an enlightening session to experience how mindfulness and movement practices can help cultivate a sense of balance in your work, home and personal relationships. 

Together, we will cultivate contentment through:

  • Mindfulness techniques to help you focus, re-frame negative reactions and prompt you to remember when to prioritize your self-care when midlife throws you a curve.

  • Yoga: Enjoy an accessible practice and experience how yoga can help you develop strength, energy, calm, clarity and self-awareness. We will combine traditional and adapted postures with powerful breathing techniques and watch what happens!

“Respect your body when it’s asking for a break.
Respect your mind when it’s seeking rest.
Honour yourself when you need a moment alone.”


Our Women’s Weekend

Date & Time:

Saturday, November 4th
11am – 12:30pm


The Millcroft Inn and Spa
Alton, ON

To Register:

Our Women’s Weekend


Judith McDermid, C-IAYT
Yoga Therapist