“Excuse me waiter –
Are there hot peppers in these eggs?”

Tingling, prickling, heat was creeping up my spine and exploding from the inside out it seemed. Sweat began to ooze from my pores as I dabbed politely, gasping as quietly as I could, certain I had inhaled an entire hot, red, chili pepper. That was my 1st clue but I didn’t really get it then!
My 2nd clue: my father was temporarily in a rest-centre suffering with Alzheimer’s while my mother was recovering from shoulder surgery after a fall at the cottage. Traumatized I left an insanely busy time at work, in Toronto, and took the train to the country to help. I was coping just! Hanging my head over my knees, burning up, exhausted physically and emotionally I was complaining of the heat to my cousin Margo and my mother. Their rueful explanations, laughter and sharings hold a warm place in my heart, still today.
I was a yoga teacher then and realize now, that I had been using various yoga techniques to deal with the symptoms of menopause. I remember doing Sitali pranayama (a cooling breath) at a highway rest-stop and practicing sun salutations and hand-stands against Barb’s boat house wall to curb frustration. Mostly, I remember Savasana (rest pose) underneath a low-lying branch of the pine tree; a safe haven from insects, the dog had discovered. The rest pose was tremendous, I rose up refreshed and ready to get back-at-it every time.
Menopause years belong to a time of big obligations for most women. Often, the crazy swings of hormones are accompanied by the press of raising children, supporting spouses, caring for ageing parents and meeting expectations at work. At the same time, there are the private stresses, the creative cravings, memory gaps, physical discomforts, the births, and deaths of those we love.
Yoga, which is a study and practice all about transformation is perfect for women who are experiencing Menopause – a time of change.
I have been meaning to share some yoga wisdom on this subject for many years. The time now seems right, please do join me!
Sending you cooling, calming & energizing wishes!