Musings from a winter morning meditation.

1st I sat, posture erect – moved the body a little; the shoulders, head, neck, feet, ankles.

2nd I enjoyed the perfect brilliant blue sky.

3rd I focused on the breath; the length, the soft sound, the ease, the rhythm.

Still, the thoughts snuck through and planning ensued.

Then, I chanted – the energy moved through, the sound was joyful, Sat Cit Aananda.

And, back to the breath with contentment.

Still, the thoughts broke through, things to say, things to do, creating scenarios.

Then, recognizing ‘thinking’ I pulled back, gently to the breath.

And, then I heard it, the loud exhale of the great north wind. Ahh excitement! I listened, reveling in the sound, the release of boredom from my thoughts and no-thoughts.

Then, a wee voice – “look here, you can attach your mind to the wind and it will solve all your problems for now”. And instantly, the intellect laughed – “hah look at you attaching to the wind what irony”.    “Yes but”, my voice defended quickly, “Ajahn told me not to worry I can’t truly attach to the wind since it will always be changing”.

Then, the wind was gone. I searched to find it to no avail but still was comforted, smiling even.

And, my breath awareness was back!

When next the wind whistled by, singing through the trees I felt joy in the sound and It was gone as quickly as it came.

My breath and I continued together and eventually, for just a little while, I’m sure I disappeared.