Melissa Campagnolo C-IAYT

Melissa teaches yoga classes in Toronto.
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Melissa offers yoga therapy sessions in person in West Toronto and online Via Zoom.

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Phone: 416-903-3148

I began practicing yoga as a way to prevent my migraines from worsening. I discovered that yoga was helping me feel better in unexpected ways. I felt stronger, calmer, and my migraines went away. I began to believe that yoga makes things better.

I started teaching yoga in 2000 and continued to notice yoga’s transformative potential. When I met and started studying with Gary Kraftsow in the Viniyoga tradition, it felt like coming home. Finally, here was a style of yoga that encouraged people to practice yoga based on their individual needs. My faith that yoga makes things better grew and led me to pursue yoga therapist training with Robin Rothenberg.

During my time teaching and working with clients, I’ve become keenly aware of the importance of healthy breathing patterns.  The Buteyko method offers additional tools to help transform breathing to more functional patterns, helping people with a number of conditions restore their health.  For more information about breathing, click here.  One of yoga’s most important benefits is its potential in transforming the nervous system, and breathing is central to this work.

In addition to teaching classes and seeing clients, I work as a mentor for Essential Yoga Therapy’s Restore Your Prana Professional Certification Program and Yoga Therapist Training Program, helping to train teachers and therapists.

My deep faith in yoga continues to grow as I see people develop stability and ease through their practice and hear them describe the physical, energetic, and mental benefits they are feeling from yoga. I hope you have the experience of yoga making something better in your life. What can yoga do for you today?


  • Buteyko Breathing Educator with Patrick McKeown, Buteyko Clinic International, 2018
  • EYT Certified Yoga Therapist with Robin Rothenberg, Essential Yoga Therapy, 2015
  • ELBP Certified Yoga Teacher with Robin Rothenberg, Essential Low Back Program, 2012
  • AVI Certified Yoga Teacher with Gary Kraftsow, American Viniyoga Institute, 500 Hours, 2003
  • KRI Certified Yoga Teacherwith Mehtab Benton, Kundalini Research Institute, 200 Hours, 2000

When I have to miss a class I really notice that I’ve missed it. I do my best to come every week because I feel so much better when I do.

I love to go to Melissa’s yoga class right after work. I lose the tension I walk into class with and I leave feeling relaxed and ready for the rest of my day.

This yoga class has really helped me manage my stress and ease neck & shoulder tension from spending too much time in front of my computer.

I loved Melissa’s class. I could do the postures – they were challenging without being impossible.

This class is an important part of my week.

I love that Melissa can adapt the postures so that I can do them.